The Chignik Bay Experience

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A wonderful trip to a new favorite destination-memorable fishing, food and friends to share it all.

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About Chignik Bay Alaska

Chignik Bay is located on the Alaskan Peninsula, 200 miles past Kodiak Island before you reach the Aleutian Islands. It is a remote fishing village in a remote part of the world based around two fish plants.

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Fishing in Chignik, AK

Chignik Bay Lodge welcomes you to some of the finest fresh and saltwater fishing in the world. Come toss your line in for Alaska’s world renowned King Salmon, Coho Salmon, Halibut, and more.

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Chignik Bay Lodge

Chignik Bay Lodge is comfortable and provides well-furnished rooms and all necessary facilities. Our home and addition serves as our lodge in a bed and breakfast style setting while offering privacy when desired.

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