About Chignik Bay Alaska

Alaska Locator MapChignik Bay is located on the Alaskan Peninsula, 200 miles past Kodiak Island before you reach the Aleutian Islands. It is a remote fishing village in a remote part of the world based around two fish plants. The summer time population of Chignik, Alaska is approximately 200 people. The local Alaska Natives, crewmembers and cannery people make up the town's residents. We have a health clinic, post office, and small variety store.

The weather in Chignik can change four times in one day. Cold to warm, cloudy to sunny, windy to calm. The temperature range from the low 50s to the mid 60s. The summer days are long and climate changes common. Generally from June 25 to August 25 is the best weather of the year in Alaska. We can have occasional storms even during our good weather months, when they come we still find fun things to do.

During July and August, it is not uncommon to have long stretches of very nice, sunny 60-degree weather. We adjust our adventures to the weather and can almost always find fishing and fun even on stormy days.

We advise layered clothing for the daily changes of temperature and we would rather you be too warm than too cold. There is no substitute for good rain gear on a rainy day. Quality rain gear will keep you warm and comfortable, even on rainy, stormy days. As you can see from our photo album we have many beautiful days in Chignik and the bad weather days can still be great fun.

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