Chignik Bay Lodge

Chignik Bay Lodge

Chignik Bay Lodge is comfortable and provides well-furnished rooms and all necessary facilities. Our home and addition serves as our lodge in a bed and breakfast style setting while offering privacy when desired. The addition is the primary guest lodging, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, offering three queen size beds and four twin beds built as bunks. The main building also has two guest rooms available for use as required. We cater to a small number of guests, thereby each guest received plenty of personalized attention.

The backyard is bordered by a small lake, which opens from the back of the house, and the view expands into Alaskan wilderness and mountains. The large deck lets us enjoy the water and view. We see local ducks, eagles, and occasionally a brown bear.

The saltwater is about seventy yards from the front of the property, across the road from the entrance to our place. We experience some of the most beautiful sunrises from our kitchen window. We have a large shop, a nice Alaskan style wood fired sauna, smoke house, tackle shop and everything necessary for a comfortable, enjoyable stay.

We are proud of the feasts we put on at our place, our barbecue runs regularly and surf and turf is regular fare. Our meals are home cooked with care and pride; we have not had a complaint yet. Special diets or menus can be accommodated if we are notified in advance. Chignik Bay is a "damp village"; a person can't buy or sell alcohol but you can have it to drink. Guests are welcome to bring their own alcoholic beverages.

The Chignik Bay Lodge