Rosemary Roberts

I was a little unsure in 2006 when, for the first time, I went to Alaska and experienced Chignik Bay Lodge. You see, I have a disability and walk with a cane. I didn’t know how much of the activities I would be allowed or could participate in. But from the moment I stepped off the plane at Chignik, all my apprehensions were instantly dispelled by the welcoming smiles and professionalism of John & MaryAnn Rantz and their staff. Always extending an arm to help sturdy me, they never left me out of any adventure due to my handicap. If I wanted to participate in an activity, they figured out a way to get me there! Fishing, beach combing and bear watching were not out of reach. Last year, John even arranged a tour of the “Cape Caution” boat from “Alaska’s Deadliest Catch” TV Show who happened to be in port at that time!

My disability prevents me from fishing, but taking action shots of family and friends reeling in their prize fish always keeps me busy! In between the constant calls of “FISH ON”, my camera captures breathtaking scenery and playful wildlife.

The accommodations at the lodge are cozy comfortable with stunning views of the mountains reflected in the lake behind lodge. Delicious appetizers, refreshing drinks, a sauna or just relaxing in the chairs on the deck, await you after a day of world class fishing.

Celebrating my birthday in Chignik each year, culminates with one of MaryAnn’s gourmet feasts! All meals are served family style with healthy portions of good stories and infectious laughter!

So, come and enjoy the adventure! It is truly a once in a life time experience, BUT I warn you, once you partake, Chignik Bay Lodge will be a yearly destination! This is my 9th year and I plan to go there for another 99!

Rosemary RobertsTucson, AZ